About us

Our passion for belgian chocolate.

Belgium is known for its rich culture of culinary specialties, of which chocolate is by far the most recognisable and mouth-watering for most among us.

For more than 30 years chocolate world sets the standard for our belgian chocolate traditions and offers the largest assortment of polycarbonate moulds, automatic tempering machines and utensils for artisan chocolate makers, while always striving to obtain the highest quality.
With special thanks to the most famous belgian chocolate makers and craftsmen, chocolate world took its rightful place as the world leading supplier and manufacturer of our highest quality moulds, automatic tempering machines and equipments that are being shipped throughout the world.

At this very moment we are very proud to introduce the “belgian chocolate School”, powered by chocolate world, and welcome them as the newest member of the chocolate world group.
In our “belgian chocolate School” you will have endless possibilities to explore the full extent of belgian chocolate, under a watchful eye of our in-house chocolate master chefs.
This training facility will be stationed and incorporated in Hoboken, antwerp, next to our showroom and production facilities, where private lessons will be available upon request and offer you the most sophisticated tips and tricks in the eld of chocolate.

All aspects from final products to creations in chocolate will be on offer. From manual tempering and moulding to artistic sculpting, from enrobing and coating to decorating and customised creations of llings to your desires,… the options are endless.
Our teachers will focus on private “chef-to-chef” lessons and will offer you the possibility to create personalised lessons according to your expectations and wishes. The exibility to choose your own dates with your personal touch sets our school apart.

Your demands and interests are of the utmost importance and will be highlighted during our courses, resulting in marvellous and delicious products that you take back home.
everything begins with knowledge.