Merci pour ces 2 jours passés avec BRAM.
Il est vraiment tres professionnel, c’est vraiment un super chef.

Rudy C.

(Rudy Corchia, Israel)

* Level of expertise of the course:   I was absolutely impressed with the optimal experience that is made available to students at the the Belgian Chocolate School.  Any and all tools and equipment are available for training and development at all ends of the spectrum, whether you are a beginner or an award-winning expert.  The language spoken is that of the student, and that is important. I don’t mean national language, I mean level of comprehension and knowledge.  The experience that I had at the school took me from exactly where my skill level was on that day and carried me forward.  

* The chef:  His professionalism, his approach and his enthusiasm was well balanced and encouraged me to explore various techniques.  He also helped me troubleshoot my own list of questions that I brought with me.

* Infrastructure of the school:  Outstanding.  Modern, optimally equipped, quiet and spacious.  I also appreciate that the class sizes are kept small. 

* Overall experience:  I live in Canada but I can say I am definitely going to enroll in another course when my schedule permits.  

(Ana Katalinic, Canada)

Ik was zeer tevreden, mijn vragen waren beantwoord.

De chef was super. Heel kundig, ervaren, en duidelijk in zijn aanbevelignen en tips. Ik zou het zeker nog eens doen.

(Carolien Krijnen, Belgium)

*  Expertise van de cursus: dit was zeker in orde, er werd vooral ook mogelijkheid geboden om zelf vragen te stellen en door de kleine groep is het ook fijn om op deze manier iets bij te leren.

*  De chef: volgens mij  zeker in orde, hij had voldoende kennis en geduld om nieuwe technieken aan te leren

 * Infrastructuur van de school: misschien toch wel meer werktafelruimte voorzien, wij waren nu wel maar met twee en dan lukte het zeker, maar misschien toch meer werktafels voorzien  

* Ervaring in het geheel: zeker een positieve algemene ervaring, ik heb samen met mijn collega toch wel wat bijgeleerd tijdens de cursus. Uiteraard komt er daarna nog veel oefening die thuis nog moet plaatsvinden. Maar het was zeker zijn geld waard.

(Marleen van Volsem, Belgium)

* Level of expertise of the course: top notch
* The chef: outstanding
* Infrastructure of the school
* Overall experience: excellent

(Fernando Herrero, Paraguay)

Personnellement je suis très content d’avoir fais le déplacement pour faire la formation dans votre école , une formation bien ciblé avec beaucoup  de professionnalisme dans une école bien équipé Grace a votre Professionnalisme j’ai eu le prestige de travaillé et être formé directement sur la machine que j’ai acheté chez vous avec le chef  Mr Bram un Grand chef  qui a la première minute de notre conversation avait  tout de suite comprit ce que j’attendais de lui pour ma formation et j’ai beaucoup beaucoup appris avec lui . Mr Bram  vraiment un Grand chef j’ai eu l’occasion de côtoyé 2 chefs chocolatiers mais rien avoir avec le chef Mr Bram ,je lui expliqué ce que je voulais faire en Algérie et il a tout suite comprit  mes attentes il ma donné un savoir faire qui na pas de prix vraiment chapeau pour le chef Bram un vrai professionnelle je garde de bon souvenir  car j’ai beaucoup appris avec lui ( Tablettes , Ganaches , Crèmes , Pralins , Temperage du  chocolat , Fonctionnement de ma machine , Utilisation des moules ,Température  idéal de l’infrastructure ,……….. ext ) 

Un Grand Bravo au Chef  Monsieur Bram aussi a  toute l’équipe World Chocolat que des professionnelles Merci a vous tous 

(Mr. Khelil Yassir, Algeria)

Yesterday I was there taking classes and buying, thanks for the way they received me, with so much kindness to help me with my doubts … Regarding the classes, simply spectacular, dedicated, personalized, the teacher very professional and with many knowledge that share very clearly … A thousand thanks for everything, it is a wonderful place, I learned a lot and I was able to buy everything I needed, I will definitely come back, thanks.

(Elizabeth Fernández Rojas, Chili)

Recently I spent 3 incredible days learning various tips and techniques from Chef Bram at Chocolate World! He is an outstanding Chocolatier and a it was an honour to learn from him. The knowledge and skills I left with have helped my business immensely.

Then there was the shopping experience! To say that it was outstanding would be an understatement. It was truly incredible to hand pick all my molds and personally design my chocolate offerings for the upcoming seasons. The staff were very knowledgeable and helpful and they even helped me ship the molds and accessories back home to Canada.

Overall, this was a first class experience and I hope to go back again sometime!

(Terri Berry, Canada)

Thought course was excellent and was very enjoyable. 

The Chef (Bram) was extremely knowledgeable, explained the techniques very well, was very patient but at the same time made it an enjoyable experience.  

The facilities and equipment were excellent.

Overall I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone that has an interest in chocolate and would like to improve their skills.

(David Philip Stang, United Kingdom)

I really liked the customized one-on-one course and the flexibility to focus on the areas I was interested in.

Bram was excellent! He’s very patient, talented and creative.

Very well equipped and pleasant learning environment. I enjoyed being in the Chocolate World facility – looking around the shop during break time and having a factory tour.

I really enjoyed the week I spent at Belgian Chocolate School. Excellent course and chef! I would recommend it to anyone who’s interested in chocolate training.

(Grace Stocker, USA)

* Level of expertise of the course
Of course we were novice and can only judge that level. And that was very good. Also progressing into the training Bram very quickly understood that my wife learns very quickly and so he adapted the level of expertise to this. So whatever level we went in, the level of expertise was very good. A thing Chocolate World really understood is that the level of expertise of training has to be at the same level at the expertise of the machines they are developing and selling.

* The chef
Was very good. In first place as a teacher, the way he explained the different issues and covered all aspect of possible problems and solutions. He also very quickly adapted the level of the course to the level of the trainee ! And his knowledge of chocolate processing is really good ! And whatever question we had, he immediately had a structured and well fitted answer.

* Infrastructure of the school
Laboratory was very nice to work in. Also very good was that the whole range of machines was there for tempering to see and experience the difference and to be able to work with all of them ! An idea we would like to add here is if the work shop would be structured just like the average Belgian chocolatier’s work shop, so we can have a complete overview of that concept, that would also have been good. 

What was missing a bit is the documentation. For instance description on paper of working method with for instance pictures, recipes, …. And we know Bram is a do-er, so he will not be specialised in making the documentation, maybe someone should support him in this. What also would be good is that after the training we regularly, focussed and who followed the courses, could receive a newsletter with tips on techniques of processing chocolate, tips and tricks of the chef, problems and solutions, recipes, methods of working, ……

* Overall experience
Maybe a bit expensive but we found it worth to have followed and are planning a new session to do to get more expertise. Also very good was the atmosphere : Bram was not trying to sell the machines are whatever, but was focusing and transferring the technical expertise needed in our case.

(Filip Esprit & Yang Cui Ying, China)

Hello Bram,
I would like to say thank you for your lessons in chocolate school. For me it was very important to receive professional knowledge and skills. I was pleasantly impressed by your new collection of shapes and colors for chocolate. I want to wish you and in the future a lot of creative ideas.
I hope for further cooperation and meetings.


(Valchikovskaya Elena, Russia)

Alors, en ce qui concerne mon opinion sur le cours et les sujets qui me demandent, je peux vous dire que vaut particulièrement la peine d’accorder plus d’attention à l’accueil des étudiants. C’était la première fois à Anvers et je ne connaissais pas la ville, ses moyens de transport, les hébergements potentiels et comment accéder à vos installation. Heureusement, il existe Google, mais je pense que vous devriez plus en informer aux étudiants.

En ce qui concerne au niveau d’expertise, je considère que c’est pour un niveau débutant à intermédiaire. Les professionnels de l’hospitalité qui se consacrent à la pâtisserie et à la chocolaterie comme ma personne, aurions aimé approfondir davantage sur d’autres sujets tels que la conservation des pralines, autres techniques de coloration, etc.

Par rapport au chef et à l’infrastructure de l’école, je n’ai rien à objecter ou à vous dire. Le chef était ouvert à répondre à toutes mes questions, il s’est adapté à mes demandes et à ma façon de travailler, il me expliquais jusqu’à ce que j’avais appris la technique. L’école, je pense que la façon d’enseigner le cours de manière personnelle est la clé de son succès, car peu d’écoles ne font pas ce service personnalisé et cela est ce qui a initialement attiré mon attention.

En ce qui concerne mon expérience personnelle, je dois vous dire que l’expérience a été très satisfaisante, mais j’aurais souhaitė approfondir les techniques de fabrication des ganaches, en utilisant des produits frais tels que des fruits et / ou des crèmes pour fourré les pralines, que à mon avis j’ai trouvé très limité. Enfin, je pense que vous pouvez améliorer le matériel d’appui, les repas en général et le certificat de participation.

(Alejandro Couttenye, France)

Je remercie chaleureusement Chocolate World et plus spécialement Bram pour ce moment d’apprentissage.

Tout en sympathie il m’a fait découvrir son savoir faire et n’a pas hésité à me faire partager ses connaissances afin que je puisse reproduire les techniques moi même.

J’ai appris beaucoup de choses et en garde une aide par la brochure qui m’a été remise.

Vraiment un bon moment passé chez vous.

Je n’hésiterai pas à refaire un stage pour combler mes lacunes si nécessaire.

(M. Nullens, Belgium)

Just want to thank you again for the 2 days I spent with you and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

You are a terrific teacher. I was somewhat confident in making chocolates and I know I had a lot to learn still to be even better. You have given me full confidence in just working with you in the last two days.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with what I’ve learnt. I can’t wait to go home and make beautiful chocolates and apply everything I’ve learnt. Thank you so much for your patience as well.

(M. Lawrence, Thailand)

I’ve attended 5 different chocolate schools around the world and the professional week class put on by Chocolate World is by far the best class I’ve ever attended. The facility is modern and very clean.

The way I was taught about recipe development for my product line is invaluable. I truly believe that this is the best chocolate school in the world and would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to take the next step in their career.

Also, Antwerp as a city exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to make a return trip next year. Thank you for everything.

(Mark Hudecek, USA)

”Been there done that”
My life is now complete <3 – well … maybe not, but this chocolate course was truly worth all the travelling and money. Private lesson with an amazing and so talented master chef! Wow, I learned A LOT!! I thought I knew so much, but I knew nothing 😀 😀

(Kattri Mäenpää, Finland – Instagram)